Drone Racing League Reveals its Stealth Fighter Racer3 Drone!

DRL’s 2017 season, known as the Allianz World Championship, debuts in June on ESPN with six races edited in one-hour episodes. This second season will bring DRL third generation Drone and more complex circuits inside NFL Stadiums, abandoned warehouses and more amazing places.

Meet Racer3, the official drone for Season 2 of DRL. It goes from 0 to 80mph in under a second!!!

“Built for speed, agility, and competition with 6” Triblade Props For Agility And Traction and F3 + Spi Mpu6000 + Betaflight for Flight Control.” – Drone Racing League.

Sleek and Modern, Racer3 brings a hardened polymer shell, 210 RGB LED’s, denser 1800mAh 4s 75c Lipo battery, two HD cameras, 6-inch tri-blade props for agility and traction!

It’s looks like a stealth fighter going up to 85 mph, accelerating from 0-80 in less than a second!


  • Acceleration: 0-80 in under 1 second
  • Top Speed: 85 MPH
  • Altitude: Above the clouds (6-8 km)
  • Fleet: Over 450 identically designed, hand-built elite racing drones
  • 16 Pounds Of Thrust, 8:1 Power To Weight Ratio
  • High Voltage Powertrain For Quick Motor Acceleration
  • Stealth-Like, Diffused Polycarbonate Shell
  • 210 RGB Leds For Pilot Identification And Visibility
  • 6” Triblade Props For Agility And Traction
  • F3 + Spi Mpu6000 + Betaflight For Flight Control
  • Custom 1800Mah Internal 5-Cell Lipo Battery
  • Proprietary Internal Long Range Radios For Live Events And Broadcast
  • Carbon fiber frame
  • Weight: 900 grams

Second season of DRL (Drone Racing League) airs on ESPN on June 20, 2017!

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