11:55 Gets Trailerized And Posterized

Man, the things that soldiers have to go through when they leave their families, their jobs and just their lives in general is something else! 11:55 is the story of a U.S. Marine, named Nelson Sanchez who comes back to his life at home after serving in Afghanistan. Let’s just say that he probably had a reason to leave and that whatever reason that is, didn’t go away just because he went off to fight a war…

11:55 stars: Victor Almanzar, Shirly Rumierk, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Robin de Jesus, Mike Carlsen, Goya Robles, Dominic Colon, John Leguizamo, Smarlin hernandez, Kareem Savinon, Johnny Rivera, John Rafael Peralta and Julia Stiles

11:55 synopsis:

“After being involved in the fatal shooting of a local drug dealer, U.S. Marine Nelson Sanchez (Victor Almanzar) returns to the neighborhood he fled years ago. Amid the fanfare and celebration on his homecoming from Afghanistan, the brother of the deceased learns of Nelson’s return and vows revenge. When word reaches Nelson that his would-be killer is due on the 11:55 bus, he decides to protect himself and his family and make a stand. Nelson seeks out assistance from a fellow Marine vet, (John Leguizamo) and asks his drug-dealing godfather (David Zayas) to broker peace. As the clock ticks down, Nelson charts an unlikely path to break the cycle of the violence that has defined his life.”

11:55 poster
11:55 poster

11:55 hits theaters on June 9th!


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