Hickok Gets Posterized And Trailerized

The next “country & western” to hit theaters is named Hickok!

Hickok is set in Abilene, Kansas and stars Luke Hemsworth (how many Hemsworth’s are there??) along with Trace Adkins and Kris Kristofferson. Apparently someone has a problem with the marshall of the city.

Hickock stars: Luke Hemsworth, Trace Adkins, Kris Kristofferson, Bruce Dern, Cameron Richardson, Kaiwi Lymon-Mersereau

Hickok synopsis:

“Infamous gunslinger and outlaw “Wild Bill” Hickok (Luke Hemsworth) attempts to escape his past by settling in the small town of Abilene, Kansas. The mayor (Kris Kristofferson), captivated by Wild Bill’s unparalleled gun skills, offers him a job as the town marshal. Attempts to protect the town are soon challenged when a band of outlaws threaten Wild Bill and the laws he administered.”

Hickok still
Hickok still
Hickok poster
Hickok poster

Hickock hits theaters and VOD on July 7th!


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