Newest Cast Member Added to Deadpool 2

20th Century Fox has officially added Jack Kesy to play a major villain in Deadpool 2. Jack Kesy is most known for his role in The Strain as Gabriel Bollivar, a womanizing rock star.

WARNING The Strain Spoilers Ahead

Kesy’s character is one of the main characters, he gets bit and turns into a strigoi (what the vampires are called in The Strain) fairly early on in the show serving as The Masters faithful servant.  In the second season he takes on an even more predominant role as The Master chooses him as his new host body.  Catapulting John Kesy’s character as the primary antagonist.

At this time its not confirmed exactly which villain he will be playing, but sources are circling around a character named Black Tom.

In the comics, he is a nemesis in the X-Men universe, a Dublin-born mutant who can manipulate, bond with, and project energy through plant life. He is also capable of issuing concussive blasts with a wooden object, usually a shillelagh.

Deadpool 2 is set to release June 1st 2018 with Ryan Reynolds leading the cast once again.



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