“Process of Assimilation” Mega-Event Kicks Off Today On Star Trek Timelines!

May is Borg Month on Distruptor Beams app Star Trek Timelines and a themed mega-event entitled Process of Assimilation  kicks off TODAY, May 4th allowing players to engage in a month-long excursion to repel the Borg by joining weekly in-game events, participate in Borg-themed Gauntlets and engage in limited-time Distress Calls – all with Borg-themed rewards such as assimilated versions of fan-favorite Star Trek characters and the much-requested Borg Queen from Star Trek: First Contact!

The Borg are coming. Unimatrix Zero refugees are seeking both shelter and an alliance with the Federation, in the hopes that their knowledge can help save others from assimilation. But first, the quadrant will have to survive the arrival of the Borg, who are targeting some of the region’s fiercest factions in an attempt to cripple any resistance.


Process of Assimilation is a month-long series of in-game events that share a continuous story arc exploring the question, “What if a mysterious space-time anomaly was no longer your biggest problem…? “

The first of four events, Zero Hour, is a galaxy event that starts this Thursday, May 4th, when Starfleet receives an unexpected visit from former Unimatrix Zero members who confirm the Federation’s worst fears: the Borg are on their way. The launch event runs until Monday, May 8th.  Subsequent events will include Experimental Design starting on May 11th, Contagion on May 18th, and Resistance on May 25th.

In addition to competing in the weekend events, players will be able to participate in Borg-centric Gauntlets, earn Borg-related rewards in the Battle Arena, and purchase Borg packs in the Time Portal.

How could you resist? Engage this mega-event and stay tuned for more specific details.


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