Soccer Manager Arena Now Available!

Soccer Manager Arena Now Available!

Soccer Manager Arena is a deck building action packed soccer manager mobile game, quite addictive, with live real-time matches. After months in BETA, game is now available.

Collect player cards. Go head-to-head in the Arena in real-time football games!

Collect 106 different player cards to strengthen your deck and become an unbeatable Arena manager. Mix and match as much as you like with 3 different types of Player Cards – Good, Superb and Elite, giving you a massive choice of combinations.


  • Compete in real-time matches with managers from across the world.
  • Develop your team by unlocking card packs.
  • Learn from other Arena managers on Arena TV!
  • Compete in different types of football Arenas.
  • Create an Arena Club and help develop each other’s team.
  • Play against friends.

Download now for ANDROID, IOS and STEAM.

Get ready to enter the Arena!

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