Stranger Things Star David Harbour Set To Take Lead In R Rated HellBoy Reboot

After much speculation and nothing short of a roller coaster ride of its happening, it’s never going to happen.  Hellboy’s creator Mike Mignola confirmed via his facebook account that there most definitely is a Hellboy reboot in the works and it will be a rated R reboot of the series starting Stranger Things star David Harbour.  The reboot will be directed by Neil Marshall this time around and Mignola will reportedly be helping write the new film that as of this writing is going be called Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen.

The original 2 Hellboy movies were directed by director Guillermo del Toro and starred Ron Perman in the lead role. Both are completely absent from the new film.  The absence of these two has stirred up ire amongst fans on the internet as they hoped we would get a sequel instead of a full blown reboot.

Not much else is known about Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen.  there is no release date and further casting appears to still be underway.  One thing is for sure though.  Being R rated means we are likely going to see more action, more gore, and more vulgarity, and I am completely alright with that.

Source: Facebook

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