The Elder Scrolls Morrowind: Stops A Bullet, Saves A Life

Imagine for a moment your sitting at your desk at your computer playing video games.  All of a sudden you hear a very loud bang followed by glass breaking and that characteristic whistle of a bullet whooshing past you that you’re so used to hearing in video games, but this time is different it was too loud to be the game and there is glass on the floor.  At this point, you’re feeling a little confused and disoriented.  You look around your room to realize you were actually shot at and your fav game of all time ends up saving your life.  Sadly Neither Morrowind, the construction set or the expansion sets were spared

That is exactly what happened to Imgur user Velerok while he was at his desk playing the new game Prey published by Bethesda Softworks.   Velerok reached out to Bethesda for a replacement copy, and their PR team jumped at the opportunity and offered him a brand new copy.  Velerok later stated in the comments section that the firearm was accidentally discharged by his neighbor.

Source: imgur