First Kill Official Trailer

Lionsgate Films has released the official trailer for its upcoming action thriller drama, First Kill. Written by Nick Gordon(Old West, Girl House) and directed by Steven C. Miller(Marauders, Extraction, Silent Night), the film stars Bruce Willis(Die Hard), Hayden Christensen(Star Wars II and Star Wars III), Gethin Anthony(Aquarius, Game of Thrones- Renly Baratheon) and Charlotte Kirk(Marauders, Vice).

Here is the official synopsis for First Kill:

In order to reconnect with his son Danny (Ty Shelton), big shot Wall Street broker Will (Hayden Christensen) takes his family on a hunting trip to the cabin where he grew up. While out hunting with Danny, the trip takes a deadly turn when they stumble upon several robbers and witness the murder of one of the criminals. After becoming entangled in a bank heist gone bad that results in the kidnapping of Danny, Will is forced to help the kidnappers evade the police chief (Bruce Willis) and recover the stolen loot in exchange for his son’s life.

First Kill is set to open in theaters on On Demand July 21st. Check out the official trailer below.


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