Meet JAWZ, the first video game player to turn professional pilot at DRL

Bringing home a $75,000 contract for the 2017 DRL Season, JAWZ, aka Jacob Schneider, was the first video game player to turn professional pilot. How will he perform against the others? Is he will be the fan favorite among gamers DRL enthusiasts? Follow DRL Season HERE to find out!

“Everybody wants to be on DRL; it looks amazing,” he said. “So as soon as I heard that they were doing the Bud Light tryout competition, before it had even started with the simulator, I was like, ‘That’s my way in.’ I wasn’t really a big name or anything. I don’t do too much social media. This was my way to get on the show.” – JAWS

Anyone could download DRL’s racing simulator onto their computer and enter the competition — according to DRL, 100,000 people downloaded it in the first three months it was available. The top 24 finishers advanced to the Bud Light 2017 Tryouts in New York City, where Jawz — aka Jacob Schneider, 30, of Zionsville, Indiana — eventually rose above the rest of the field, earning a $75,000 professional contract from DRL in addition to a berth in this year’s main event.

“He basically went from a gamer to a pilot in just a couple of weeks,” said DRL founder and CEO Nick Horbaczewski. “And it’s one of the fun things about this sport; it sort of crosses this blurry line between the digital and the real. We’ve got this guy playing a video game, he wins a video game tournament, and now he’s traveling around the world flying real drones.”

If you want to try DRL Simulator and become a professional pilot, download the Simulator HERE to practice for 2018 Tryouts.


An eSport tournament with 24 players competing for a spot in the DRL’17 Season and a $75.000 contract as a professional DRL pilot! Watch Now Bud Light 2017 Tryouts Highlights HERE.

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