Nintendo Switch has a new Headset and its a Mess

The Switch is the latest and greatest from mega company Nintendo.  An ultra portable handheld device with controller attachments.  Essentially it’s a tablet with controllers that slide on to the side.  Being a tablet you’d expect it to have the same features that tablets have had since well…pretty much since the beginning of consumer tablets.    I’m referring to Bluetooth, you know that extremely useful feature that’s been around since the early days of cell phones that allow you to wirelessly transfer files and pair accessories such as headphones.

Oh yea, Nintendo decided to leave out Bluetooth on its ultra portable home console.  Fear not though the official Splatoon Twitter account shared these images of a new headset available soon for the Nintendo Switch

As you can see here you need to plug the hub into your Nintendo Switch and from there plug the headphones and your smartphone into the hub in order to use your headphones for team speak online.  To say this is less than ideal is an overstatement at this point.  Way to go Nintendo at releasing your most powerful portable console yet only to be bogged down with this absolute mess of cables.

All is not lost though.  There is hope.  It has been reported by a Reddit user in this thread here that Bluetooth dongles will work with the Nintendo switch so you can put your expensive Bluetooth headsets to good use on your new Nintendo Switch.

here is the Bluetooth dongle that this Reddit user has shown to work

Now if you ask me that’s a whole lot more portable for a portable device like the Switch.  Not having Bluetooth is a real misstep.  When Nintendo said they were using a customized version of a Nvidia Tegra mobile chipset I really hope they just don’t mean removing the Bluetooth radio.

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