Reading Geek | No End: Post-Apocalyptic Soap Opera

No End is a romantic soap opera webcomic about a group of people trying to survive and make lives for themselves in a cold, post-apocalyptic world ravaged by hordes of undead.

Living amid a world of horror doesn’t erase the cast’s day-to-day worries about identity, family, friendship and betrayal, as they seek people they can trust, as well a legendary place called “Haven” rumored to be free of the cold and horror.

Just as none of them are sure that it even exists, they aren’t sure what their place in their world is. But each step forward leads towards who they are, who they should become, and where they belong.

Due to it’s initial inspiration from an RP shared by the creators, No End has always strongly focused on its characters – their growth, their motivations, and the bonds woven between them. The post-apocalyptic setting is used to add suspense, and to put emphasis on the character’s internal struggles. This webcomic also features LGBTQA+ themes and characters – all the characters in the main cast are queer.

This is a very interesting post-apocalyptic romance webcomic with occasional zombie suspense and large cast! Don’t expect a zombie survival story as the narrative focus more on the characters and their relationships and how the characters lives in this distopic wasteland after the apocalipse. It’s also packed with heavy LGBTQ+ themes, occasional blood, gore, violence and strong language.

Rich and Colorful artwork, NoEnd digs deep in to post-apocalyptic lifestyle and the characters development and motivation, with a right dose of zombie horror.

Updates every Sunday and Wednesday at Also available at Tapas and SmackJeeves.


Creators Erli and Kromi collaborates effort from start to finish. Erli does the page layouts, thumbnails and sketches, and Kromi does inks, colors and the touch-up Photoshop magic.


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