The Saint VOD And Digital HD Release Info

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment has just announced the home release info (Video On Demand/Digital HD) for The Saint!

The Saint is based off of the popular novels, movies and TV franchises.

The Saint stars: Adam Rayner, Eliza Dushku and a cameo from the late Sir Roger Moore

The Saint’s synopsis:

“With a new cast and new plot, THE SAINT, a modern-day Robin Hood, faces 21st Century challenges. Simon Templar is THE SAINT, and the stakes are higher than ever. His latest adventure involves $2.5 billion in African aid funds, a persistent FBI agent, and an innocent girl held hostage.

With a history of intrigue, from the original novels in the 1920s, to the movies and a TV series in the 60s, THE SAINT is sure to delight new, and tried and true fans. A must-own for any crime drama connoisseur!”

The Saint (20th Century Fox Home Entertainment)
The Saint (20th Century Fox Home Entertainment)

The Saint hits VOD and Digital HD on July 11th!


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