The Walking Dead: March To War Story Details

Disruptor Beam is known to prioritizes the story-driven experience for players. This is no exception with their upcoming strategy game, The Walking Dead: March to War.

TWD: March to War is deeply story driven, immersing you in the narrative of your chosen game.

If you were Rick Grimes, what would you do? How would you survive? Could you live with your decisions? Or would you die by them?

These questions is what drove the storyteller and narrative team to develop the main game narrative as fans of both comics and TV show surely had this experience.

With that in mind, the developers went Skybound, home of The Walking Dead comic book series, in order to create an authentic world in which players could answer these questions.

If you read the comics, The Walking Dead: March to War takes place shortly before the events of Volume 20, “All Out War”, and becomes a bit of an alternate universe.

In the game you play as the leader of your own growing community and must build something to defend and deal with issues with people drawn to you. Your qualities as a leader will get you recognized by Rick, Negan and others as a a great asset or a serious threat in the bigger war to come.

As for game systems, Objective system will help you develop your community and tell the larger story of The Walking Dead: March to War, while Council Stories allow you to develop your individual relationships with important characters. Each Survivor you recruit has a unique backstory as well as a unique situation in which they are acquired.

In TWD: March to War, the story of the game largely writes itself, through the battles you choose to have or avoid, the victories and losses that mount from day to day, and the deep rivalries that come as a result.

The game comes to Mobile devices soon!



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