Valve launches Steam Direct, the replacement of Steam Greenlight

After nearly five years Valve’s crowd-voting platform Steam Greenlight has retired on June 6, 2017. Steam Direct, the new service for submitting games to Valve’s PC-gaming platform launches today, June 13!

The new system will provide developers to submit their games games directly to Steam for a fee, instead of the Greenlight system of having players to vote on which games reach the Steam store.

Registered Steam Direct Developers  will pay a recoupable publishing fee of $100 per individual game.

“Like all the work in the Steam Store, Steam Direct will take some iteration to get the kinks out. We’re optimistic. Aiming for the low publishing fee gives every game developer a chance to get their game in front of players. The Store algorithm will do its best to make sure you see games that are worth your time to look at. Combining everyone’s increased visibility into the algorithm’s thinking with the human eyes of Curators will hopefully ensure that whenever that algorithm isn’t working properly, we’ll know about it, and have the chance to fix it.”

The goal with Steam Direct is to provide an understandable and predictable path for developers from anywhere in the world to bring their games to Steam. With that in mind, we’re making the process as easy and streamlined as possible. A new developer will simply need to fill out some digital paperwork, including entering bank and tax information and going through a quick identity verification process. After completing the paperwork, the developer will be asked to pay a $100 recoupable fee for each game they wish to release on Steam. This fee is returned in the payment period after the game has sold $1,000.

If you are a developer, visit Steam Direct Overview HERE.

Check the announcement made by Valve HERE.

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