What We Learned About Xbox One at E3 2017

E3 is the biggest convention in gaming today.  Developers and console makers alike are all there to show off their new products.   Microsoft, in particular, has a lot of hype behind their conference.   With Project Scorpio information coming out of the woodwork set to be the most powerful home console we have ever seen.  So without further ado here are a couple main announcements made by Microsoft at E3 2017.

Project Scorpio will be called the Xbox One X and it will cost 499USD

Now I know we have known about this project for some time before the announcement.  The internal specifications were released by Microsoft a week or so prior to e3, but there is also a lot we did not know such as price, availability or even its name.  We now know that Project Scorpio will officially be called the Xbox One X, it will sell for 499USD and it will be released on November 7th.  We also know that the One X will be an extremely beefed up Xbox One console, even going as far as being considerably more powerful than the competition the PS4 Pro.    This is Microsoft’s foray into the elite world of 4K gaming (previously with the Xbox One S 4K was only available Via UHD Bluray discs or streaming content).   There is some magic up Microsoft’s sleeves tough because the Xbox One X offers super sampling that allows 1080p games to look better as well.   The good news here is the Xbox One X is till still of the One line of consoles from Microsoft.  This means all existing accessories and games, including the Xbox 360 backward compatible ones.

Original Xbox Games are Coming To Xbox One

Yes, you read that right.  Microsoft will be bringing original Xbox games to its ONE line of consoles.  This is big news because it could mean that if fully thought out the entire Xbox catalog from the very beginning could be available to enjoy.

Phil Spencer the head of Xbox has since elaborated on the forthcoming support.

“We can support the discs, which was actually a technical achievement for the team. I didn’t think we were going to get there,” Spencer told IGN. “But I also know a lot of people can’t find those discs anymore, so we will definitely make sure they are available digitally for people.”

Last week there was an article floating around the internet that got a fair bit of attention stating that a very small percentage of time spent on Xbox one was playing backward compatible titles, around 1.5% to be exact, but Microsoft very quickly responded and shot those claims down stating they were “grossly inaccurate”.  This move to further backward compatibility only cements the fact that backward compatible games are being enjoyed by many.

On another nostalgic note.  Not from e3 but relevant regardless,  the original Duke controller (pictured above) from Xbox will make a return as well being compatible with Xbox One and Windows 10 to fully take advantage of this retro classics.

What do you think of these Xbox specific changes? Do you agree/disagree, think its enough to dethrone the Ps4 Pro?  let us know in the comments !