Drone Racing League world champion “Jet” on pursuit of defend his title!

Jordan Temkin aka “Jet” is the original Drone Racing League world champion, after winning the inaugural season in 2016. He is now in pursuit of defending his title on DRL Season 2 as he beings as one of the TOP 12 in the opening round of the DRL Playoffs in Munich.

Temkin discovered drones and drone racing about three and a half years ago and became a DRL Champion after stepping up as a replacement pilot in the middle of the inaugural season in 2016.

“I started this as just a passion,” Temkin said. “Originally it was because I was working too much, and I needed a mental break. So I took up drone racing just for a minute, and to have that become the reason I’m in Europe traveling for two weeks, it’s a dream come true.”

Quen-Quen Potter

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