Top Comics | Week 26, 2017

Starting now, a weekly series of Top 5 Comics will be brought to you by our newest contributor Robert Reynolds.

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Week 26 | Top 5 Comics


1. Zombie Tramp # 36

This book and I have a bad history of it not being on these lists even though it’s a great book. Usually my local comic shop doesn’t get this until a week after release and it’s really iffy about if you can find this book on Comixology. I was in luck this week though, and got to read it on time. Now you gotta bear with Dan Mendoza and this book and see beyond to the fact that this book is more than gratuitous zombie nudity. This issue comes off the heels of issue 35 which focused on Morning (a 19th century … demon maybe?… trapped in the body of a little girl). In this issue Morning meets with Janey (the Zombie Tramp) and warns her that Xula is working with the Kaiju Queen. Morning’s back story is revealed more in this issue and some gruesome panels of Janey torturing her “chew toy”.


2. Deadpool Vs. The Punisher # 5

I was completely wrong when I spoke about the first issue. In this book Van Lente has written the best representation of The Punisher since Garth Ennis’ Punisher Max. Yeah, yeah there’s lots of great action and some good dialogue by Deadpool, but it was The Punisher who stole the show for me when he began talking about how that “one bad day” didn’t make him who he was, it only reinforced it. This brought me back to the first story arc of Punisher Max and how Frank told Micro to run. I would like to make a plea to Marvel to make Fred Van Lente be the new Punisher writer.


3. Suicide Squad # 20

Even with a filler issue Rob Williams can write an amazing story. Yes, Williams once again proves that he knows these characters by showing them individually as Waller cycles through them to find who will take over leadership of the squad since Flag’s death during Zod’s escape. This is very reminiscent of the classic Peter David and Joe Quesada classic X-Factor # 87, which is one of my all time favorite single issues.  Enchantress and Killer Croc really steal the show here and we see how Enchantress reacts to the rejection of June Moon’s art and how Croc helps her.


4. Batman/Shadow # 3

At last we get the villains. The motormouth Joker teaming up with the silent Stag as they plan to rid the world of Batman. There is some really good back story to the training that Bruce Wayne continuously received from Shadow and his agents over the years, as well as other heroes (that are very familiar) that Shadow trained, and most notably a gruesome flashback from Alfred. This all leads up to an epic end that gives us Batman’s entire rogues gallery ready to flail him. This is why Scott Snyder holds the title as one of the best Batman writers ever.


5. ‘Namwolf # 3

I’ve been sticking with this book since the beginning hoping that an issue would come along and make my list, and it has finally lived up to these expectations. In this issue Marty is taken by the top brass of the military and brainwashed to weaponize the wolf. When Marty finds his friends in trouble but is ordered not to respond he learns to take control of the wolf. I know the Doonesbury style art really don’t fit the comic, but once you get used to it, it’s really rocking.

Premiere Issue Of The Week

I think this might be the first Valiant book that I have done since I’ve started this. I am saving spots for when Lemire’s new Bloodshot Salvation comes out and I am enjoying Rapture, but it always comes out next to so many good books. This is another of Valiant’s ’90s re-vamps that I am slightly familiar with, I have the first 5 issues. Unlike Shadowman, Ninjak, or Bloodshot this title is nothing like the 1993 title. The original Secret Weapons was a group of British intelligence agents, this group is teenagers that were part of a government program in OKC who are now being hunted by some kind of tech monsters. This book offers some great artwork and some good new characters for the Valiant universe.

The Back Issue BIN


Sandman #1

Keep in mind before you say; “Dude, your just now reading Sandman?” that I spent years as a Marvel zombie and just started branching out more than just occasionally a little over a year ago. This is something I should have picked up a long time ago. This is probably the best of Sam Keith’s art, and Neil Gaimen’s story telling really shines. The story starts in 1916 when a cult tries to summon Death in order to imprison it, instead they get Dream, Death’s younger brother. When Dreams is imprisoned several people began suffering from sleeping disorders  and their progress throughout the years is followed in the book. One of these people, Wesley Dodds, become the classic golden age character The Sandman. As the years go by we follow the progression of these victims and the cult until 70 years has passed since Dream’s imprisonment and one of his jailers begins to drift off leaving him defenseless from an attack by Dream. After Dream escapes he gets vengeance against the son of his captor by cursing him to never sleep again. Dream’s quest to find his lost tools that were taken during his imprisonment begins and promises an adventure for the character.

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