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Hello Comic Book fans, Top 5 Comics of Week 27 is now Live. WARNING: SPOILER ALERT!!!



1. Bloodshot’s Day Off One Shot

I was iffy on even reading this book because it wasn’t by Jeff Lemire, but in the end I was so glad I did. If anyone were to take Lemire’s place writing Bloodshot would want it to be Eliot Rahal. This guys has such a good feel for the characters and the direction that Lemire has had them going. The story starts with Tank Man and Viet Man being told that they have over 20,000 hours of consecutive service and are due a day off in a location of the government’s choosing (New York City). The government has also tried to lead the characters to spend this time off in a hotel watching TV, but anyone who remembers these two characters from Bloodshot Island knows that they are already pretty close to tearing each other’s heads off. As Viet Man and Tank Man separately spend the day in NYC visiting people from their pasts and walking down memory lane they began realizing that they are really the only people that can really understand each other. This issue has a great “Man Out of Time” feel and really pushes both of these characters further. I hope to see more from both of them in the future.

2. Deathstroke # 21

Difiance starts to take from in this issue as the different members and their reasons for being in the team are explored. We get a tease to how fun Wally and Tanya are going to be on a team together and also the fact that Joseph has doubts that it was Slade that killed his fiancée. We also get Terra’s introduction in the team and the angle that she is going to be in the story. Slade is very serious about this team and their training, picking only the best situation as their first mission, but there’s going to be serious opposition from Adeline who birthed the idea of Defiance for Joseph.

3. Walking Dead # 169

Now that we’ve had a moment to get over Andrea’s death Mr. Kirkman is carrying on with several story lines that started before. With Carl we get a walk down memory lane about Billy and Ben before announcing to Rick that he will be returning to Hilltop. Siddiq has told Rick about the people from Ohio that Eugene has been talking to and Rick decides to mount an expedition. And for the best part, Dwight letting Rick know how he feels about Sherrie’s death. i completely called this because of the look Dwight gave Rick afterwards. I really like the way Dwight told rick though, it pretty much boiled down to the problem with the saviors are the people, the problem with Alexandria is Rick.

4. Ash Vs. Army Of Darkness # 1

Chad Bowers is amazing. He is doing the best job of capturing any writer has been able to do of capturing Ash. The humor is spot on. Issue 0 picks up right after Ash kills the S-Mart Deadite in Army of Darkness and then learns that she was a teacher at the local high school. In this issue Ash takes on the role of a substitute teacher to investigate who read from the book to let that Candarian Demons out. After accusing students and fighting a giant Candarian Demon frog Ash finds himself back at square one.

5. Unsound # 2

Still one of the creepiest books there is. Cullen Bunn is cementing a solid reputation as a horror writer. In this issue we pick up with Ashli talking to her boss after the incident at the end of issue one, where she was in a staff room and three of the institutions patients entered. The alarm then sounds and Ashli, her boss and other employees find that the lunatics have taken over the asylum. As the group try to escape they find that nothing about this riot is normal.


Sacred Creatures

This is a new supernatural themed book from Image. The more I read it, the more I kept thinking that it was a better written Black Monday Murders. This issue has great characters, a nice use of jumping between present and flashbacks, a story that you would be eager to follow. The story follows Josh, just a normal guy who is having a hard time with class, finding a job, and trying to get the approval of his pregnant girlfriend’s mother. Josh is chosen by a very colorful group of demons (maybe) to kill an angel, but first they make his life a living hell. I’m looing forward to more from this series.


The Twilight Zone (1990) # 2

You may ask why I went back to a random issue of a ’90s run of Twilight Zone… 3 words: J. Michael Straczynski. A lot of people may only know Straczynski as the guy who wrote the awesome “No you move” speech by Captain America then became the most hated man in Marvel history because of One More Day. Well you might be surprised to learn that Straczynski also wrote a 12 issue run of Twilight Zone in 2014 for Dynamite that I consider one of my favorite comic runs. When I found out that Straczynski also wrote an issue of Twilight Zone in the ’90s, I had to check it out.

The story is pretty basic for a Twilight Zone plot. It starts with a writer at a book signing being praised for how he is able to write inner city youth gangs of the ’50s so well. When a flight to his next book signing includes a layover in Newark, he shares with another passenger

that in 1959 he was in a street gang in Newark. In a dream it is revealed that he set up his gang to a rival gang and ran away. In Newark he is confronted by the spirits of his gang who make him relive the fight and running away, making him realize that he ran away to become something more than a gang member.

As far as a classic Twilight Zone story, this really holds up, and that’s coming from someone who’s seen every episode at least twice. As a Straczynski comic, it’s kind of weak compared to One More Day and his 2014 Twilight Zone run. It is always fun to go back and find early issues from creators like this to see how they’ve grown.


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