Top Comics | Week 28, 2017

Hello Comic Book fans, Top 5 Comics of Week 28 is now Live. WARNING: SPOILER ALERT!!!


1. Suicide Squad # 21

Rob Williams work on this book has got to be the best work of the year. Seriously I think since I’ve started doing these lists there has only been one issue that I didn’t put on one. This is a book that has me coming back every two weeks eager for more. This is the first issue with Harley as the new leader, and it is a squad with much different tactics since she’s back to being absolutely nuts since Flag’s death. Speaking of nuts… That beating Harley gave Cosmonut was insane, but I’m getting ahead of myself. The issue features Amanda Waller denying her involvement with Task Force X as the findings from Justice League vs. Suicide Squad are discussed before a senate committee. The Squad is once again invading The People in Russia only to find a trap as they find themselves trapped in Direktor Karla’s base with a bomb. I just love how Enchantress’ role gets bigger with each issue, Rob Williams does great at writing her. Oh, and Harley orders Deadshot to shoot Croc in the head. Did I mention she was back to being nuts?

2. Cinema Purgatorio # 11

I know this book is coming to an end and it makes me sad. In the Alan Moore store we are presented with a musical called “My Fair Dahlia” which is about the Black Dahlia murder and how sick Hollywood is. In Garth Ennis’ “Code Pru” Pru runs into William, a suicidal vampire from the first issue, and finally encounters Mr. Squidpump, the antagonist that was in the two issue “Code Pru” series. The gem I found in this issue though was Max Brooks’ “A More Perfect Nation.” There were no ants this time around, just a history lesson about the Buffalo Soldiers, including Cathay Williams who was a black female who served for the Union Army.

3. Edge of Venomverse # 2

I was going to read this book because it had Gwenpool on the cover, then I saw the cover also had Chris Hastings’ name on it and I decided there was no way I wasn’t going to read it. I love Gwen with the Symbiote, especially since the Symbiote also knows that it’s in a comic book. The story follows Gwen as her and the Symbiote take down a gang of ninjas (that ended with the Symbiote eating ninjas) and meeting Daredevil. At work the next day at work Gwen is doodling pictures of herself and Daredevil (that reveal his secret identity). Gwen accidently gives the doodlings to her boss, then after realizing it goes to his house to get them only to find that he is the ninja boss.

4. Deadpool # 33

Another win for Secret Empire tie in issues. This issue gives us more insight into why Deadpool is working with Hydra. We’ve learned that Vision has a virus and Scarlett Witch is possessed, Now Wade can join their ranks because he is just trying to keep Ellie safe because of her mutant gene. The story of Wade and Ellie is really a good element that has been put in Deadpool in stories in the past few years and I have to commend Duggan for writing it so well, when he does write it. That seems to be the problem witb a lot of Duggan’s issues that I don’t like, they lack the dark comedy of Wade trying to be a good father that the Ellie issues have.

5. Dark Days: The Casting one shot

Scott Snyder is definitely tying everything he’s ever done with Batman into a nice bow. The Court of Owls, bringing Duke on board, It all becomes more clear the more you read this event. This issue does great to continue the three fronts of the story that Snyder started in The Forge witb the Joker revealing to Duke that he has the Nth metal in his blood that is why Batman took him in, the Carter Hall diaries, and Batman’s quest for the metal leading him to his baby mama. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m excited about Metal.



Dread Gods

I searched hard for this issue, seriously, there were not very many good premiere issues this week. This book is set in a dystopian place where people get their entertainment from watching ancient Greek gods on a giant screen. In the episode they watch in this issue the Gods fight a Hydra. The gods are drawn in such an original style: Zues has 4 arms, Apollo has these Darth Maul style horns, Tyche has big feathery wings. This is not the “traditional” way of drawing these Gods. After the defeat of the Hydra and a standoff with Hades, Zues talks about finding a way to be free. One viewer, named Carver, takes this as a message to him that he is to help the Gods be free. This book is an original property from IDW, who doesn’t usually release original properties so it’s not getting a lot of coverage, but if you pick it up, it’s definitely worth it. A great intro to a story and original ideas in the artwork.


The Guild # 1-3

When I found out that Dark Horse was releasing a Guild hard cover library edition next week my reaction was: “Wait… There’s a Guild comic book?” As a player of an MMORPG, The Guild holds a very special place in my heart and is one series that I have seen multiple times. (I really don’t do a lot of multiple readings or viewings of stuff much because I feel that’s time I could spend reading or watching something new.) Naturally as anyone would do when they find out that something they love has a comic book form I went out to find those comics.

The story is by Felicia Day, which is the appropriate thing to do since she wrote the series. Cyd’s real life and problems with her boyfriend interweaves with her life in the new MMORPG she bought and she begins using the lessons from the game to deal with problems in her life. The way that Day mixes the game witb Cyd’s life in this is done so much better than the show. I will probably be picking up the edition that Dark Horse releases next week because it has 34 new pages of original story plus the individual character books, which I wasn’t able to find.

A special shoutout to Rogue Pryde for being able to guess that I was going to talk about this Guild book from an obscure gif. Apparently we have found out who the biggest Guild fan in the world is.


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