Blackberry Dropping The Keyboard In Favour Of Water Resistance For its Next Phone

A little while ago the internet got wind of a couple new Blackberry devices en route. At this point, we know about one of them, and we know at least the one will be released at some point in October.

Not too much is known about these new phones but, thanks to Engadget who did some digging and managed to get a few bits of information from François Mahieu over at TCL (the company currently manufacturing Blackberry Android devices) we know that one of the big selling points will be an IP67 water and dust resistance rating. Now don’t expect to go diving or swimming with this phone, but you will be safe if it’s raining or something gets splashed on your phone. It’s certainly a little more peace of mind.

Mahieu also said that durability was going to be a big selling point of this phone, talking about clumsy travelers and a phone that will survive the test of time

Of course this new all touch device will be running Blackberry Secure (sorry Blackberry 10 holdouts it seems a new Blackberry 10 device will never happen). Blackberry Secure is the new name for Blackberrys secure flavour of Android and Blackberry will be maintaining the software while TCL takes care of the hardware aspect.

Also, this is a TCL device so we can speak pretty confidently that this new all touch phone will bear resemblance to the Dtek60 pictured to the left. François Mahieu and TCL strongly believe this new all touch phone will take customers away from the likes of Apple and Samsung.

There really isn’t any more information available yet but stay tuned if Blackberry wants to show off this new device they have a really good opportunity at IFA 2017 happening from September 1st to 6th.

Source Engadget

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