Cinema Quality Footage From Red’s Epic Hydrogen Smartphone !

Have you ever wanted to make movies or short films, but thought to yourself damn those cameras are too damn expensive. Well, you would not be wrong. I went on over to RED’s website. Red makes the industry standard digital cameras for filming movies sans 35mm film. Anyway, back to the RED’s website I attempted to build the cheapest camera I could. I chose their low-end Scarlet-W 5K Brain, a Standard Aluminum Nikon lens mount, their lowest cost mount kit, and their lowest capacity storage package that is 120 gigs and is only good for 54 mins of footage. Even choosing the lowest price products I could find and completely ignoring any add-ons this build still costs $19,893, that’s right you saw that right.

Fear not though Red has announced that they are getting into the smartphone game. Red claims their Hydrogen smartphone can produce cinema quality video footage. Now that is a pretty crazy claim. there are also patent filings that show that this phone will be completely modular being able to swap out everything from the actual camera sensor, to add-ons that connect similar to the Moto z and Moto Mods where they connect magnetically with the connector pins.

Now you might be saying whoa a camera on a phone that can film cinema quality images. That must be the killer feature on this phone and you would be completely justified in thinking that, but it’s not. The other killer feature of the Red Hydrogen is its large 5.7-inch holographic display that is fully capable of 2D, 3D, AR, VR, and MR. Before I get into the rest of what we know about the Red Hydrogen lets take a look of some of what is being said about it. Here is a tweet that was shared from RED Digital Cinema CEO James Jannard

These are all very inspiring points, especially J.J. Abrams saying its “Ground-breaking, barrier-smashing, bar-raising and badass”

The Red Hydrogen is said to be available Q1 2018 in two different models titanium for 1595 or an Aluminum version for 1195, and if James Jannards tweet is to be believed it will be available from all major carriers.

Source: Red Digital Cinema Company