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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to control a fire-breathing giant chicken that has on steel armor? Biggest Baddest Baddie Card Game is a crazy card game where you attempt to build the Baddest Baddie you possibly can to defeat your friends. Your baddie can range from a werewolf in armor to a Giant Chicken that can breathe fire.

This is for multiplayer gamers that enjoys crazy things to happen. This chaotic monster building game already has expansions in the works to add even more monster fighting fun! We have planned 3 expansions to the game so far to add more diversity.

If you are looking for a game to play in under 30 minutes (or even 20), Biggest Baddest Baddie is a great fit. There are some politics to the game, which means you will have some negotiating going on at the table. Alliances can be formed, or even a whole table can turn against one person if the time is right.

What is a Baddie? A character that ranges from werewolves, dragons, to robots and even to a gladiator! Gear up your Baddie and fight for your way to be the BIGGEST BADDEST BADDIE in this fast and fun card game.

Each player draws 5 cards to start the game and places a baddie into the battlefield. If no baddie is in hands, the player may send 3 cards back to the deck in order to try to get its own baddie for the duel. On each turn the player may decide to equip its baddie or attack opposing baddies. The last surviving baddie takes the crown as the true Biggest Baddest Baddie! Have fun!

Help this project HERE and help bring it to life. 24 days to go and counting!

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