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Raids is a tabletop roleplaying game with dice. Quick to learn for gamers of all experiences, Raids lets players tell the stories they want to. It uses familiar mechanics such as dice rolling, storytelling and a character sheet with attributes and abilities. However, the storytelling aspect is very much at the core of the game.

Raids is an immersive storytelling role playing game. I use that description because the focus should be on the stories that the players are creating, with the rules acting as a framework and a guide, rather than constricting them. That’s not to say that Raids won’t offer a challenge for veteran gamers- the base setting is a dark fantasy world, where you’ll need to think carefully about your actions or else you’ll find it very challenging.

The initial setting for Raids is a dark fantasy world called Novathe. But the game will eventually provide more settings, which can blend seamlessly with one another, with balanced gameplay and not having to create house rules.

Shadow by Davey Joe Mcclure

With the rules, you will get the Starter campaign and a Kickstarter exclusive adventure. You can use these, or create your own adventure.

This is a very interesting RPG game as published adventures will be made available for multiplayer use, and single player use (with or without someone to run the game). There will be even a way to randomly generate adventures, providing a new story to play. It’s basically  designed to be a framework of rules witch you can fit to any game you wish to set for you next adventures.

Pledge £15 or more and get amazing custom Dice Set (2 d6 and 2 d20), manufactured by Q-Workshop.

1/3 of the pledged goal has been reached with 16 more days to go! Back this project HERE and help bring this great game to life!


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