New Animated Series Hitting New Form From YouTube Sensation Olan Rogers

YouTube sensation Olan Rogers (check his YouTube Channel HERE) has something releasing today that I think all of you that love things like Rick & Morty, American Dad and Futurama will love!

Lion's Blaze (Olan Rogers/New Form)
Lion’s Blaze (Olan Rogers/New Form)

What is Lion’s Blaze?

“Lion’s Blaze” follows a group of four friends that have been trapped in an arcade game for fifteen years. Just when they think they have the game figured out, one of the friends gets killed. In order to bring back their friend and get out of the game’s world, the group has to go on an epic quest to collect the remaining five ‘stones of the Lion’s Blaze.”

I’ve had the opportunity of seeing some of the first episode and it’s pretty good!


The new project, Lion’s Blaze should be available as of this morning on NewForm!

You can get a sense of what Lion’s Blaze will be below:

Rogers is also an actor, producer, online influencer and creator of the upcoming animated series Final Space, hitting TBS in 2018 with superstar voice talent including: Conan O’Brien, Gina Torres, Fred Armisen, Steven Yeun and Ron Perlman, which you can find out more about below!

Other projects that Rogers founded; Olan Rogers Supply Clothing and The Soda Parlor

Final Space cast announcement (TBS)
Final Space cast announcement (TBS)
Final Space logo (TBS/Turner)
Final Space logo (TBS/Turner)


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