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If you enjoy Greek mythology, steampunk and horror romance, this Webtoon is perfect for you.

Suitors7 is a romantic drama set in a Victorian era Europe where most forms of mythology is real, ancient gods are the ruling government, and each country lives a different time period.

The story follows a Paranormal Archaeologist Celeste Leopold as she fights evil, tries to save the universe, and attempts to fend off the horde of demons desperate to win her hand in marriage.

Suitors7: Book Of Death Cover

After a long journey on ‘Prologue’ Stage and changes on the style art, Suitors7: Book Of Death debuted on August 25.

I miss the old style art, it was so colorful and fun. But, I give props to the creator for the new ink style with clean cut lines and monochromatic colors, as it provides a comfortable reading.

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