The Walking Dead: March to War Now Available

Prepare for Survival! Disruptor Beam’s The Walking Dead: March to War, a competitive multiplayer strategy game based on the iconic comic book series, pits players against the Walker onslaught and each other in an all-out brawl for survival on the streets of a post-apocalyptic Washington, DC.

Backdropped by stark visuals directly inspired by the Walking Dead comics and some familiar landmarks, March to War extends the gritty Walking Dead universe with immersive storytelling amongst series favorite characters, and is available now on Google Play and Apple App Store.

The gameplunges players into a life-or-death struggle in the ruins of Washington, D.C., as they work with and against one another in real-time to survive in the The Walking Dead™ universe.

To survive in The Walking Dead: March To War, players must:
  • Fight to survive by fending off walkers and other players, building and managing your base and defenses, and scavenging for vital resources.
  • Form alliances with other players — knowing that your greatest friend today could become your greatest enemy tomorrow.
  • Lead your community by training your loyal survivors, recruiting iconic Walking Dead characters such as Negan and Rick to be powerful council members, and by making critical decisions that directly affect the game.

Launch Trailer:

B-Roll Footage:

“No one is safe in March To War, least of all those who think they are,” said Joey Lapegna, Creative Director at Disruptor Beam. “Our goal, above all else, was to make March To War not just play like a Walking Dead game, but to feel like one too – an approach we take with all of Disruptor Beam’s games. Players will live and die by the alliances they keep, the enemies they create and the uncertainties that lay between, forced to choose carefully between aiding or destroying other players in their struggle to survive. Brace yourselves: It’s about to get bloody.”
The Walking Dead: March To War is available now for free on theApple App Store and Google Play in four languages (DE, EN, ES, FR), with additional languages coming soon. Fans can register to receive game updates at

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