Check out the new WWE 2K18 ‘Be Like No One’ TV Spot!

WWE and 2K Games recently released a new TV spot (narrated by Snoop Dogg) for the upcoming WWE 2K18 video game!

Here it is:

Incase you missed them before, here are some screenshots (originally posted by 2K Games on their site and twitter pages):

(WWE 2K18 / 2K Games)
(WWE 2K18 / 2K Games)
(WWE 2K18 / 2K Games / Seth Rollins)
(WWE 2K18 / 2K Games / Seth Rollins)

WWE 2K18 is set to release on October 17, 2017 on PS4, Xbox One and PC. A Nintendo Switch version will release later in the year!

Source: WWE / 2K Games


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