A Female Joker… Would It Work??

The different jokers through the years

On April 25th, 1940 a DC Villain was born, The Joker made his debut in the comic book Batman. Initially The Joker was meant to be killed off in his first issue but has stayed at the top as one of Batman’s biggest archenemies ever since.

Today I was asked if The Joker would work as a female, with how much society has changed over the years we are seeing a lot of changes to the comic book industry.  Geeks every where had mix thoughts when Iron Man was announced as a black female.  Don’t get me wrong, both DC Comics and Marvel have their fair share of female empowerment. (Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Black Widow, Elektra, Storm)

As a female myself, this topic was perfect for me to cover.  Before feminists everywhere light their torches and raise their pitch forks at me, just hear me out.

I personally don’t think The Joker as a female would work.  If anyone understands the back story behind The character I’m sure they would agree. If you’ve seen Batman: The Killing Joke, which is a great origin story to The Joker explaining his life before his days as this crazy, sadistic villain we’ve come to know. Some things should just be left as it is, what’s that saying again. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. On another note, having The Joker as a female would completely alter so many story lines that geeks appreciate today, Harley Quinn would no longer work and this “frenemie” relationship between Batman and The Joker would drastically change.

We are curious to know what you think about there being potential for a female clown prince of crime.  Do you agree, disagree or are you really just not sure.  Shoot us some comments and lets get the conversation moving on this.

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One thought on “A Female Joker… Would It Work??

  • September 19, 2017 at 12:55 PM

    I personally think that there should be a female clown prince of crime right up there with the actual prince of crime, because I think while it would alter some story plots that everyone that knows about this; there should be a female in that area that girls can relate to on a certain level. I think that if we just a male as the clown prince of crime and girls really like the character, then they wouldn’t be able to relate to him on some levels that men could automatically connect with. I was planning on dressing up as the Joker for homecoming dress-up day at my school. So, all the femenisits that don’t believe that any of the characters in any movie or show, where the guy character suddenly has girl have the guy part: “Go to hell!”


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