iam8bit Releases Limited Edition 30th Anniversary Street Fighter 2 SNES Cartridge UPDATED

As the old adage goes, everything old is new again. This proves true yet again with iam8bit releasing a 30th-anniversary cartridge of Street Fighter 2 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System more commonly referred to as the much easier to swallow acronym SNES. There will be a total of 5500 cartridges manufactured. “Opaque Ryu Headband Red” (4,500 cartridges) or “Glow-in-the-Dark Blanka Green” (1,000 cartridges). Both will come with the identical box with restored artwork, so you won’t know what colour you get till you open it because it is completely random.

iam8bit’s limited edition 30th aniversery remake of Street Fighter 2

All you will need according to iam8bit is working SNES to play this copy of street fighter 2. It also comes with”Premium” instruction booklet as well as retro pack-in surprises to kinda sorta try to justify that 100 dollar price tag. The pre-order page is now live so if you want a copy head on over to iam8bit and nab your copy before they are gone.

Also, it should be noted that at the bottom of the page in small print there’s a pretty scary warning that this game could cause your SNES to burst into flames from overheating so be careful.  I know my SNES was one of my prize possessions when i was young i remember vividly the christmas I got it, my parents had me believe that everyone else got what they wanted but i was left without.  Twenty minutes later they brought it down.  Safe to say if i bought iam8bit street fighter 2 it would remain in the box as a prized collectable, I would not chance losing one of the most fun consoles in history.  Sorry but i think ill stick to a emulator for this one.

Update: Sorry it seems every single one of the 5500 copies has sold out!

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