Marvel’s Inhumans New Trailer – ABC

ABC and Marvel Studio have released a new trailer for its upcoming series Marvel’s Inhuman. The all new never been told Marvel’s comic focus on the Inhuman Royal Family led by the king,  Black Bolt(Anson Mount- Hell on Wheels). He possess a powerful voice that could destroy a city by merely  whispering. However, a military coup within his kingdom has caused the splinter among his family. While escaping to the island of Hawaii, they must find ways to reunite and return to confront their enemies before their Inhuman world are destroyed forever. Other characters in the series includes Maximus(Iwan Rheon-Game of Thrones), Medusa(Serinda Swan-Graceland), Gorgon(Eme Ikwuakor-Looking for Lions), Crystal(Isabelle Cornish-Puberty Blues), Karnak(Ken Leung-Lost), Auran(Sonya Balmores- A Midsummer’s Hawaiian Dream),Triton(Mike Moh- Street Fighter) and Louise(Ellen Woglom-Hated). Inhumans is created by Scott Buck who produced hit series like Dexter, Netflix’s Iron Fist and Six Feet Under. The first two episodes of Inhumans are currently screening on IMAX theaters. The back to back episodes will premiere this Friday September 29th on ABC network. The entire series of Inhuman will air this fall in place of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD which will return for its 5th season sometime in January 2018. Check out the latest trailer below.


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