RPG for Destiny Alpha2 Stage Is Now LIVE!

Welcome to DestinyRPG Alpha2! Today, Alpha1 has reached its EOL and a reset was a necessary evil due to all the changes that have occurred in the game with massive frontend and backend improvements and changes. Say hello to Alpha2!

If you are a returning player from Alpha1, there’s some rewards to easy up on the reset. You will start with 100,000 Glimmer, and more rewards are to come at a later time \o/

Here’s what remains for your profile on Alpha2:

  • Guardians (Not playable, just for reference)
  • Achievements
  • Clans (Ranks will be reset but you can keep your clan)
  • Grimoire Progress
  • Any contest rewards (Contest Sparrows will be level locked to be in line with when other players can get something similar, but will not cost glimmer)
  • Any Alpha rewards we give out for playing. (TBD)

Xur, Bounties, & Public Events will not be available right away, but we will make them available as soon as we think the community is ready for their goods & services. This is good news, allowing all players, old and new, to level up at the same pace without the help of Public Events. 

A massive Cryptarch revamp has occured:

  • The game now has slot-specific engrams, as well as the random-slot engrams.
  • No more caps on decoded items.
  • Rare engrams have a chance to decode to a Legendary gear piece.
  • Legendary engrams have a chance to decode to an Exotic gear piece.
  • Gear can now have any of the perks applied to them, but is still limited to number of perks based on the rarity of the gear.

Areas are now zoned by levels. There are 6 zones: 1-19, 20-39, 40-59, 60-79, 80-98, 99+. This allows lower level players to not have to compete for kills with higher level players that are outside their zone’s levels. Public Events & Social areas will still be shared by players of all levels.

  • Areas have been revamped, and now have level requirements.
  • Some locations have item requirements to travel to them now.
  • Enemies have been revamped completely with tons more added.
  • The game now has 257 enemies, 19 Public Events, and 76 Ultras, and 18 different chests!
  • Enemies can now spawn with a rarity that affects it’s HP, Shield, evade, crit, and rewards.
  • Enemies now backfill locations based on a preset maximum limit every 2 minutes.
  • Grimoire will not be reset, and it now goes up to rank 99 and tracks enemy rarities. Grimoire rank is based off points, where the more rare an enemy kill is, the more points rewarded for the kill.
  • Some vendor items are now blocked from being infused. Don’t worry though, it’s mostly just the beginner weapons & gear.
  • Community Infused gear will now only return 25% of materials that you, yourself commits to the gear when dismantling.
  • Leaderboards (besides enemy leaderboards) are now based on generation.
  • Some items & gear are now level locked.
  • Some items & gear now have requirements to meet before they can be purchased.
  • Level XP requirements have been revamped. Level 99 now takes a total of 2,000,000,000 xp.
  • Players now have a base perk cap of 1000%. This is what is earned by using cores. Once a player hits this cap, you can only sell cores. Gear will add ON TOP of this base value.
  • Added more sparrows
  • Crit chances in battle are reverted back to what they were about 2 months before Alpha2.
  • Massive frontend & backend changes & fixes.

Come be a part of it!

Get Grinding! 

Game is playable at DestinyRPG.com and also on Android andiOS.

Note: The game is not affiliated with Bungie or Activision Blizzard. It’s 100% free, ad-free and made according to Bungie’s game content usage rules.

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