The Commuter New Trailer And Poster

Lionsgate has released a new trailer and poster for the Liam Neeson-led The Commuter!

In the trailer, you’ll see that Neeson’s character Michael, follows a daily routine to and from work. He rides the same train, sitting in the same seat and has done so for the past 10 years. He meets a lady named Joann that is claiming to study basic human behavior. She wants to conduct an experiment, including Michael, trying to find a person that does not belong on the train.

In the bathroom, there is $75,000 if he does the experiment. Joann tells Michael that she just wants to know what kind of person he is, based on the decision he’s inevitably going to make regarding the money. Michael has a limited amount of time to decide if he’s willing to be a part of things. It looks as if the money takes a hold on him and he participates. While he’s battling with the idea of doing as he was asked, Joann seems to have a person killed, to make Michael see that she is not playing.


Vera Farmiga, Liam Neeson, Patrick WIlson, Dean-Charles Chapman, Killian Scott, Jonathan Banks, Sam Neill, Elizabeth McGovern, Florence Pugh, Damson Idris, Clara Lago, Shazad Latif, Roland Moller, Kingsley Ben-Adir, Letitia Wright,


A businessman is caught up in a criminal conspiracy during his daily commute home.

Trailer #2



The Commuter still (Lionsgate)
still (Lionsgate)
The Commuter (Lionsgate)
poster (Lionsgate)
The Commuter poster (Lionsgate)
poster (Lionsgate)

The Commute hits theaters on January 12th of 2018! For more info, check out the website HERE


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