The Man Who Invented Christmas UK Official Trailer

Thunderbird Releasing(UK distributor) has released an official trailer for its upcoming holiday film, The Man Who Invented Christmas. Based on the book by Les Standiford, the film is written by Susan Coyne(Anne of Green Gables) and directed by Bharat Nalluri( Tsunami, Life on Mars). The film stars Dan Steven(Beauty and the Beast), Christopher Plummer(The Sound of Music, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), Johnathan Pryce(Game of Thrones), Morfydd Clark(Madam Bovary), Miriam Margoyles(Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets), Bill Paterson(Outlander), Ian McNiece(Doc Martin), Donald Sumpter( Game of Thrones),Annette Badland(Eastenders), Justin Edwards(Love & Friendship),Cosimo Fusco(Angels & Demons) and Ger Ryan(Redemption).

THE MAN WHO INVENTED CHRISTMAS, a festival retelling of the most iconic Christmas story ever written and the genius behind it, starring Dan Stevens as the iconic Charles Dickens. In 1843, Dickens was a literary rock star, but struggling financially after the slow sales of his previous novel, Martin Chuzzlewit. Seized with the vision of a story that would fire the hearts of humanity, Dickens pitched his publishers A Christmas Carol, but they passed. Desperate, Dickens declared he would publish it himself. Slipping into the world of his novel, he spent the next six weeks laughing and arguing with his characters, acting out scenes like a madman on the streets of London for hours on end. His family and friends worried he was going insane, but Dickens prevailed and finished just before Christmas, creating a masterpiece which gave birth to the Christmas we know and love today.

The Man Who Invented Christmas is set to open in theaters on November 22nd. Check out the official trailer below. The film is distributed by Bleecker Street on the state side.


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