Thor: Ragnarok Cast and Director Hosted a Tumblr’s Answer Time

Cast and director of Thor: Ragnarok hosted a Tumblr Answer Time to send along some of their top responses about the film.

The cast, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Tessa Thompson, Mark Ruffalo and Jeff Goldblum, and director, Taika Waititi all participated.

Answer Time provides an open platform for Tumblr’s robust community to ask their favorite musicians, artists, actors, etc. questions they want to know and is just one of the many ways that Tumblr is continuing to connect their users with each other and the artists they love. Recent Answer Time hosts include Demi Lovato, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Troian Bellisario, TJ Miller, Steve Aoiki, DJ Khaled, Colton Haynes, Tyler Oakley, Hannah Hart, Brittany Snow, The Cast of Sense8 and more.

Check below a few of their top responses from the Answer Time:

Q: What are the odds that, when this is all over, Loki and the Grandmaster will go on a whirlwind tour of shopping and space martinis?

A: Tom Hiddleston – The odds are undeniably high. I wouldn’t bet against that, and I think it wouldn’t be the first time

A: Jeff Goldblum – First of all, what are space martinis? Secondly, the grandmaster and Loki? But me and Tom, I’d love to go in stores with him and buy a ton of stuff

Q: Tom, how comfortable is Loki’s new headgear compared to his previous helmets? Also is it your favourite so far?

A: TH – The new headgear is more like a kind of crown of horns, so more comfortable because it doesn’t feel like as much of a diving bell. Please excuse me, Jeff Goldblum is tap dancing and I wish you could all see it

Q: Jeff, is there a movie of yours you’d be interested in seeing rebooted with an all female cast? If so, what actress could you see playing your character?

A: JG – Hey that’s a good question, jeez. I’d say Nashville and Kristen Stewart. I’d like to see that movie

Q: If Thor and Hulk were gonna get matching tattoos what would they be of & where would they put them?

A: Mark Ruffalo – They would be of each other and they would be put on their necks

A: Chris Hemsworth – Probably just each other’s face, and on their shoulder

Q: If you could pack three things from earth to permanently live Asgard as in your character, what would those things be?

A: Tessa Thompson – They don’t have tequila on Asgard, and Valkyrie would love to drink some of that. Also currently I’m really into this fidget spinner, I think it would be a good thing for Valkyrie to have. And a snuggie for post battle

Q: Is it true that the line “he’s a friend from work!” Wasn’t originally in the script and a little boy that was a fan, suggested the line to Chris Hemsworth, who then suggested the change to directors ??

A: Taika Waititi – Nothing was originally in the script. It’s true. It was an amazing moment. That line, probably the best line in the film, is attributed to Darcy. And that makes me extremely happy

This Answer Time was hosted on Wednesday, October 11. Check the full Q&A HERE!

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