Dark Official Trailer – Netflix

Netflix has release the official trailer for its upcoming original series, Dark. The 10 episode supernatural thriller series is created, shot and produced in Germany. Dark tells a story of disappearing children in a modern-day German town. The hunt for an answer takes a supernatural twist that exposed the past sins and secrets of families in the town.

Dark is created by Baran bo Odar(Sleepless, Who Am I) and Jantje Friese(Who Am I, Silence), both showrunners also executive produced along with Quirin Berg and Max Wiedemann. The series stars Louis Hofmann(Center of My World, Alone in Berlin), Jordis Triebel(One Breath), Mark Waschke(Generation War), Anatole Taubman(Pillars of the Earth), Stephan Kampwirth(Agnes), Majo Schone(In der Familie), Andreas Pietschmann( Belle & Sebastian), Anfela Winkler( Clouds of Sils Maria), Michael Mendl( Wunderkinder), Karoline Eichhorn(The Silence) and Oliver Masucci (Look Who’s Back).

Dark pilot episode was recently shown in Toronto International Film Festival. The series gives a more sinister vibe than Stranger Things.  Dark is set to debut December 1st on Netflix. Check out the official trailer  below.


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