First Look at QuestWriter, your new favorite ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ stories game!

QuestWriter (GameBooks) by Magic and Wires allows you to build ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ style stories with branching paths and endings.

The game is at early Alpha stage and a lot has to be done.

I joined the Alpha, GameBooks, on day 1 and here’s a first look if you like games like this.

What’s so great about GameBooks is that it allows users to create their stories, share with the community and read others adventures.

Join now at and start your adventure!

* Remember that the game is under development, so join if you wish to contribute with ideas to help the developers build a strong platform, or if you wish to contribute with nice stories.

During development, the site is free to use.

Here’s the HAPPY ENDING on the story THE WOODS, created by the developer of the game FIRESTREAM.


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