GTA Online: NEW Vehicle and Other Bonuses Announced!!

Rockstar Games recently announced the availability of the Coil Cyclone vehicle and other in-game bonuses!

Here is the synopsis for the awesome new vehicle:


In the past, you’d have been forgiven for thinking that electricity was for the weak and environmentally conscious. Those days are over, and the Coil Cyclone is here to change your mind faster than a 1,000 volt blast straight to the jewels. Fly off the line faster than a toupee in a hurricane and usher in the electric age with the Coil Cyclone – now available for purchase at Legendary Motorsport.

(Note: Legendary Motorsport is an in-game store within the game world of GTA 5, easily accessible through the in-game characters mobile phone)

As usual, Rockstar have also provided extra bonuses and increased GTA$ in certain modes, all week (NOVEMBER 14 – 20th):

Rack up double GTA$ and RP all week long. Put your survival skills to the test in Motor Wars, then switch gears and jump into any Transform Race to reap Double GTA$ & RP. Or pick up some extra jingle by helping your CEO shift product in Freemode earning Double GTA$ Salaries as a Bodyguard or Associate.

This week also brings a fresh bunch of discounts to help players save some of those much-needed GTA$ (in-game currency):


  • Biker Clubhouse Customizations -25% Off
  • Biker Business Upgrades -25% Off


  • Anti-Aircraft Trailer (Buy It Now & Trade Price) -25% Off
  • Gunrunning Tattoos -25% Off


  • Ultralight (Buy It Now & Trade price) -25% Off
  • Aircraft Weapons -25% Off


  • Assault Rifles -25% Off
  • Sniper Rifles -25% Off


  • Technical Aqua (Buy It Now & Trade price) -25% Off
  • Turreted Limo -25% Off

This weeks premium race was also mentioned (which will be available through November 20th):

  • Premium Stunt Race – “Zebra” (Locked to Sports)
  • Time Trial – “Mount Gordo”
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Source: Rockstar Games Newswire


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