Hostiles Official Trailer

Entertainment Studios has released the official trailer for its upcoming Western drama, Hostiles. The film is based on the original story written by Academy Award winner Donald E. Stewart(Missing). Written and directed by Scott Cooper(Black Mass, Out of the Furnace, Crazy Heart), Hostiles stars Christian Bale(Dark Knight Trilogy), Rosamund Pike(Gone Girl), Wes Studi(Penny Dreadful), Adam Beach(Suicide Squad), Ben Foster(Hell or High Water), Jesse Plemons(Fargo, Breaking Bad), Rory Cochrane(Argo, 24) and Q’orianka Kilcher(The Vault, The Alienist-2018).

Hostiles tells the story of Captain Blocker( Christian Bale) an embittered and battle hardened US Calvary Officer begrudgingly accept an order to escort once enemy, an ailing Cheyenne war chief(Wes Studi)and his family back to their tribal lands in Montana. Both have lost their own men battling each other in previous battle at the war zone. Harboring deep hatred and bigotry against the former prisoner of war and his family, Blocker and his small band of army has to navigate through dangerous territory inhibited by other hostile tribes.

Hostiles had its premiere at Talluride Film Festival on September 2nd. The film will have a wide release in theaters on December 22nd. Check out the official trailer below.


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