Tenor Releases Exclusive GIFs

Following the raging success of DC’s Wonder Woman earlier this year, fans are eager to see how Justice League will compare. Through their on-going partnership with Warner Brothers, Tenor – the largest and fastest-growing mobile GIF platform – has created some exclusive GIFs from the upcoming blockbuster which premieres this weekend on November 17.

Additionally, with millions of searches conducted on Tenor for Justice League characters and over 90% of GIF searches centering around specific emotion – generating extensive GIF search data – Tenor developed graphics for Justice League characters – Wonder Woman, Batman and Aqua Man and The Flash – based on the sentiments/searches they are most often associated with, which you can check out below:

Top search term categories associated with Wonder Woman:

  • Girl Power
  • Hero
  • Fabulous
  • Fighting

 Top search term categories associated with Batman:

  • Thinking
  • Sad – (Sad Affleck)
  • Happy / High Five
  • OMG

Top search term categories associated with Aqua Man:

  • Surfer dude
  • On my way
  • Chill
  • Help

Top search term categories associated with Flash:

  • Funny
  • Embarrassed
Aquaman gif (Tenor)
Aquaman gif (Tenor)

Batman gif (Tenor)
Batman gif (Tenor)
Batman still (Tenor)
Batman still (Tenor)

Wonder Woman still (Tenor)
Wonder Woman still (Tenor)

The Tenor mobile app – GIF Keyboard – will have a Justice League takeover beginning Thursday November 16 on iOS including a Justice League app icon, and specially curated Justice League GIFs promoted on the platform.


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