The 12 Days of Xur-mas is now Live at Destiny RPG!

It was announced a 12-day event to celebrate Christmas at Destiny RPG. Say hello to 12 Days of Xur-mas! Check in Daily from December 14th – 25th for special bounties with great rewards from Xur.

  • Check in at DestinyRPG each day starting tomorrow, Dec 14th, for a special bounty (which will be shown in Orbit/Farm).  Complete the bounty daily for special gifts from Xur!  Good stuff.
  • While you are working to complete the bounty, if you are level 1-98 you’ll have a 1000% boost to your XP perk. (Level 99’s get 5000% boost to Glimmer perk!)
  • At the end of the event, if you complete each daily bounty you will be given more rewards.  These include special boosters (3/12), an emblem (6/12), a triumph (9/12) and a sparrow (12/12)! So be sure you complete each day’s daily bounty from Xur.

There’s more! Complete 12 Days of Xur-mas and you’ll be entered into a FREE DRPG T-Shirt drawing!

Merry Xur-mas!

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