Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition AVAILABLE NOW!

Sony and Guerilla Games recently announced the release of a complete edition of the popular PS4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn!

Here is the synopsis:

We’re happy to announce that Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition is out in stores tomorrow! If you’ve never played Horizon Zero Dawn, or if you’ve misplaced your copy somehow, now is an excellent time to dive (back) in. The Complete Edition includes the expansion. The Frozen Wilds, which adds a sizeable chunk of content to Horizon Zero Dawn’s already formidable world. That means more ancient mysteries to uncover, more gripping quests to complete, more dangerous machines to defeat and more colorful personalities to meet.

The complete edition includes the main game, access to ‘The Frozen Wilds’ DLC expansion and a range of weapons / outfits which were previously part of the Digital Deluxe, Limited and Collectors editions of the game when it first released.

Check out the launch trailer for this COMPLETE edition of Horizon Zero Dawn:

Here is an old trailer for the Frozen Wilds DLC expansion which is included in the complete edition:

Horizon Zero Dawn / Sony
Horizon Zero Dawn / Sony

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Complete Edition is OUT NOW only on PS4!

Source: PlayStation Official Website


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