House of Cards Season 6 Will Resume Production In 2018 Without Kevin Spacey.

A senior executive of Netflix, Ted Sarandos says today the sixth and final season of the popular political drama will continue its production in 2018 without its star Kevin Spacey. Robin Wright who played the character Claire Underwood, a wife and was installed as the Madam President at the end of last season will be the main story arc for the series. No words as to how the series will write out Frances Underwood played by Kevin Spacey. Season 6 will only consist of 8 episodes unlike the 13 episodes of previous seasons. Last week MRC told it’s cast and crew the production suspension had been extended through December 8. Ted Sarandos said MRC had reach the deal with 370 individuals who world directly with the series production as well as the 2000 workers on the set location in Baltimore.

Earlier in October, amidst the sexual allegations involving Kevin Spacey had MRC and Netflix has suspended their political drama, House of Cards Season 6 production indefinitely. The alleged sexual harassment incident involved Star Trek : Discovery actor Anthony Rapp when Rapp was a 14-year-old boy working on Broadway show with then 26 year-old Spacey. Soon more came forward including 8 members of formal and current crew that work in House of Cards film set. The employees accused Spacey of creating a toxic work environment. A former production assistant also accused Spacey of sexually assaulted him while working in the earlier seasons on the series.

Season 6 House of Cards is supposed to premiere sometime in June 2018. With only 8 episodes of rewrite, the series might just debut on time.


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