Ingress Anime In Development!

Hello Agents! A short clip has appeared in the Portal Network, providing a little taste of an Ingress Anime!!!

In the clip we see a Resistance Portal being attacked by Enlightened XMP and getting transformed. Too short but still great to see an Anime in the works for Ingress.

Apparently the Anime is on early stages of development and NIA is asking for the help of agents to shape the future of the Anime. If you would like to help with ideas, go to this G+ Thread and participate.

With such rich and deep story that surrounds Ingress, an Anime sounds like an excellent idea to expand the game. Looking forward to this!

Quen-Quen Potter

BlackBerry enthusiast, entrepreneur, beer sommelier, web developer, Geek with Glasses, darts fanatic and Enlightened agent.

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