Fortnite Battle Royale: Map Update and More coming soon!

Epic Games have announced that they plan to release an update for the very enjoyable Fortnite Battle Royale tomorrow (Jan 18, 2018)!

Battle Royale is a FREE-to-play PvP game mode available on PS4, Xbox One and PC / Mac in Epic Games’ Fortnite video game. This free mode consists of 100 players landing on a large island and trying to survive until the end. This is definitely worth trying as it is a lot of fun playing by yourself or with friends as part of a duo or squad. Here is the official synopsis of Fortnite Battle Royale:

Fortnite Battle Royale is the FREE 100-player PvP mode in Fortnite. One giant map. A battle bus. Fortnite building skills and destructible environments combined with intense PvP combat. The last one standing wins. Available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One & Mac.

Epic Games are planning to launch a new update tomorrow which will add some new points of interest to the Battle Royale map. Here is the synopsis for the map update:

Discover a new city, underground mine and a number of other brand new locations scattered across the Western side of the map. Biomes are also premiering in this patch, enriching the environment and personalizing each area. Where are you going to drop?

Here is the trailer for this upcoming update:

Fortnite / Epic Games
Fortnite / Epic Games

This upcoming patch is also going to fix various glitches and issues players have faced in the game and will add a lot of other small improvements to the overall game experience. Full patch notes and details can be found on Epic Games’ official website.

Fortnite is available on PS4, Xbox One, PC / Mac! The campaign mode (called ‘Save the World’) is still in development and early access to it can be purchased. The Battle Royale mode is Free to play.

The new update should be released tomorrow (January 18th, 2018)!

Source: Epic Games Official Site , Fortnite Twitter


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