GTA Online: NEW Vehicle and Other Bonuses for 2018!!

To help celebrate the New Year, Rockstar Games have released a new vehicle and provided some in-game bonuses!

Here is the synopsis for the new vehicle (pictured above):

The Annis Savestra boils down the power and presence of a hulking great American sports car into a concentrated dose of unadulterated rage. This baby is primed for some serious custom upgrades, and you can also swing this Sports Classic over to the Vehicle Workshop inside your Avenger or Mobile Operations Center to be kitted out with a couple of front-facing rapid fire machine guns for good measure.

The Annis Savestra is available at the in-game Legendary Motorsport store.

Rockstar have also mentioned that there is DOUBLE GTA$ and RP available to those who take part in the ‘Slashers’ adversary mode from now until January 8, 2018. The ‘Occupy’ mode will also be paying out bonus GTA$ & RP until January 8, 2018. Money and RP goes a long way in GTA Online so this is good news!

The extra money can be spent on new vehicles too as Rockstar also stated on their newswire that there are big discounts available on a range of different vehicles:

  • 50% off Mobile Operations Center Cabs
  • 30% off the Coil Cyclone (Super)
  • 30% off the Grotti Visione (Super)
  • 25% off the Ocelot Ardent (Weaponized Vehicle)
  • 25% off the FH-1 Hunter (Helicopter – both Buy It Now & Trade Price)
  • 25% off the P-45 Nokota (Plane – both Buy It Now & Trade Price)
  • 25% off the HVY APC (Weaponized Vehicle – both Buy It Now & Trade Price)
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Source: Rockstar Games


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