IDW Productions Acquires ‘Night Terrors’ Mobile App & Launches Augmented Reality Company

Los Angeles-based IDW Productions has acquired US-based startup Novum Analytics, maker of the highly-successful augmented reality mobile app, “Night Terrors,” and also plans to launch a new AR company titled Impresario Entertainment. The announcement will be made at CES by Brett Tomberlin, a Principal at IDW Productions.

By acquiring Novum Analytics, this strategic move will allow Impresario Entertainment to release at least two apps in 2018, and continue to increase their AR gaming offerings for years to come. The goal is to create a vast array of experiences for all ages which introduces the world to mobile augmented reality entertainment using devices players currently own.

This acquisition allows Novum to expand into additional genres, as well as service all ‘Night Terrors’ fans with new adventures incorporating high quality characters and immersive storylines. The “Night Terrors” sequel is slated for release early next Fall, tying in to the Halloween 2018 season. Brett Tomberlin, Bryce Katz, and Jordan Rambis will serve as Executive Producers on Night Terrors 2.0.

The ‘Night Terrors’ mobile app maps the user’s environment and fills it with terrifying creatures—ghouls, ghosts and other petrifying entities. It then uses your phone’s camera and LED light to create personalized scares by turning your surroundings into a real-life survival-horror game.

Since “Night Terrors” launched, it has:

  1. Been Downloaded over 420,000 times
  2. 2x Top 5 of iTunes (US market)
  3. 2x #1 Entertainment App (US market)
  4. Top 10 Overall App -­‐ 20 countries
  5. #1 Entertainment App -­‐ 33 countries
  6. Featured by Apple as a top APP

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