DC Comics Smartwatches

One61 has announced the release of Batman and The Flash smartwatches!

Equipped with every feature you’d expect from a smartwatch, but in a immersive “gamefied” format, wearers meet daily step and movement goals by helping Batman and The Flash save Gotham and Central City.

  • The Batman watch has a nostalgic retro theme, based on the 60’s tv show.
  • The Flash watch is straight out of the current CW show’s S.T.A.R. Labs.
  • Unlock Secret Content by Fighting Crime as Health Goals are Achieved
  • 5 Different Character Inspired Faces
  • Full Phone Integration: Calls, Messages, Music Player, Camera Control, Phone Finder
  • Step Tracking, Sleep Monitoring, Movement Reminders
  • Compatible with iOS & Android
  • $124.99
Batman - Smartwatch - In Package
Batman – Smartwatch – In Package
Batman Crime Fighting
Batman Crime Fighting
Flash - Smartwatch - In Package
Flash – Smartwatch – In Package
The Flash Crime Fighting
The Flash Crime Fighting
One61 Smart Watch Paired
One61 Smart Watch Paired

You can order Batman & The Flash Smartwatches direct from LootCrate


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