Alex Inc. Official Trailer – ABC

ABC has released the official trailer for its upcoming comedy series Alex Inc. The comedy series marks the return of Zach Braff to regular television role since Scrubs(2001-2010). The actor had been busy guest starring in other series and film and often uncredited such as The Disaster Artist, Community and BoJack Horseman. Alex Inc. is based on Alex Blumberg’s podcast call StartUp while he attempt to start his own company with Gimlet Media.

Zach Braff plays Alex Shuman, a radio journalist and a family man trying to quit his job to start his own company. He decided to document his experience via podcast. Braff also directed and executive produced the pilot episode of the series. Matt Tarses who executive produced Scrubs serve as the creator and writer for the series. His previous works includes Atypical, The Goldberg and Men At Work.  Cristina Verano( The Night Shift, Second Chance, Smallville) served as the producer. Regular cast includes Elisha Henig(Mr. Robot, Grey’s Anatomy), Tiya Sircar( The Good Place, Voice of Sabine in Star Wars: Rebels), Michael Imperioli(The Soprano, Law & Order)) and Courtney Shane(Driving Miss Crazy).

Alex Inc. is set to premiere Wednesday 830 pm EST March 28 on ABC network. Check out the official trailer below.


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